Benefits Of Cell Phone Stands

You might have heard of cell phone stands, or not, either way, cell phone stands have lots of benefits. If you would read through this guide, you’ll see all the benefits of cell phone stands. Probably knowing the benefits might push you to get one for yourself. One thing’s for sure, you’ll not regret getting a cell phone stand.

Cell phones are an essential part of our daily routines. We use them to correspond, make calls, play games, take photos and videos, browse the internet, and so much more. Our smartphones are never more than an inch away from us. Though cell phones are like mini-computers we can get a lot of use out of them, holding them for hours can be exhausting.

What Are Phone Stands?

Phone stands are small objects that are used to prop up your mobile device. They are designed to sit on a hard surface, like a table or desk, so you can watch funny videos, scroll through pics, and ultimately, keep your phone clean and safe.

We are so used to having our smartphones on our persons at all times, that this can lead to various unnecessary, and often costly, accidents. Anyone who has put their phone in their back pocket before will understand the instantaneous fear you feel when you realize that your fancy new iPhone has just backflipped into the toilet.

Or that time you were trying to juggle your food shopping with your flashy smartphone in hand, only to drop it onto the concrete path, one meter from your door. Constantly holding or carrying our phones on us often results in expensive repairs to fix cracked screens, water damage, and dead batteries.

By using a phone stand, you can remove the risk of untimely phone repair bills and transform your mobile into a hands-free device. Obviously, the smartphones of today have plenty of hands-free features. You can ring your Mum using your Bluetooth headphones while making a cup of tea, or ring your boss on the way to the office using your car’s built-in handsfree. But this doesn’t prevent your phone from slipping out of your pocket onto your hardwood floor while wrestling your laundry into the washing machine.

Having a specific place to put your phone at home or at the office prevents careless accidents from occurring. It also has the added benefit of preventing you from losing your phone on a daily basis or wasting time trying to remember where you’ve left it.

Designs Of Cell Phone Stands You Can Consider

  • Collapsible back stand

If you are looking for a portable phone stand that can easily fit inside the pocket, prefer using this model of MOFT phone stand. These stands are built with a minimalistic design and material and only meant for supporting your smartphone laid on its back.

You cannot expect any kind of protection to the edges or display from them. However, they perfectly serve the purpose of watching movies, executing video conferences, and other tasks that require adequate stability. One can easily flip out the back panel to use as a stand that can work both vertically and horizontally. Attach the stand with adhesive on your smartphone’s back panel and remove it whenever you feel the need to replace it.

  • Cover with stand

Those who are looking for a multi-purpose phone stand can choose a cover that also works as a back stand. These are generally chunky models designed to protect your smart from getting dents during a fall. On the backside, there is a flexible supporting panel to stabilize your smartphone in vertical and horizontal states.

These types of stands are suitable for people who are working both indoors and outdoors. This cover can protect your phone from most vulnerabilities but comes with a bulky design that may not easily fit inside the pocket.

  • Office phone stand

Office phone stands are designed in a manner to stabilize your phone in one place without moving it. Such phone stands are suitable for people who spend most of their time in video conferences. These cell phone stands for the desk are available in attractive designs ranging from minimalistic to chunky. Choose anyone according to your style statement and use it on the office desk, as and how it pleases you.

  • Pop socket stand

This is a revolutionary design currently viral among the youth. You can utilize a pop socket for placing the smartphone vertically and horizontally. It is a small knob that pops out when you pull. Place your phone vertically or horizontally with the help of a pop socket. Along with providing stability to your phone, pop sockets also serve the purpose of taking selfies easily or watching videos while laying down.

  • Automotive phone stand

For two-wheelers and four-wheelers, different types of automotive phone brands are available in the market. Generally, they come with flexible extensions and robustly built claws capable of grasping your smartphone in all-terrain conditions. These stands are adjustable according to the phone size and the height of the person sitting in the car.

Why do you need Phone Stands?

The incessant beeping and flashing of notifications on our screens can often serve as an endless stream of distraction from our daily life. It’s almost unheard of to have your smartphone not within arm’s reach at all times – even when they’re not in our hands they are normally no further than a meter away.

Trying to concentrate on an important project, or even just a catch up with a friend can be difficult with the chance of a new notification every second drawing your attention away.

The mere presence of your smartphone within reaching distance reduces your cognitive capabilities, affecting your brain’s ability to retain and process data. While turning your phone face down or putting it onto silent can help, to truly prevent your phone from taking its toll on your productivity levels you need to move it away from yourself.

By placing your mobile on a phone stand, you can transform your relationship with your smartphone without having to divorce yourself from your mobile tech entirely. This will give your phone an allocated place away from your immediate reach, preventing the modern instinct to pick it up and distract you from the activity at hand.

In order to choose the right smartphone stand for your phone, you need to decide on a list of your requirements. Do you want a flexible phone stand to make it easier for you to take photos? Will a phone stand help you text with one hand while you’re out shopping? Are you looking for a stand that will hold your mobile phone when you’re not using it?

Deciding on a list of requirements will help you narrow down your search for the best mobile phone holder. For example, if you want a phone holder that helps you text with one hand, is portable and lightweight, you are better off looking for finger ring cell phone holders. If you want a sleek and sophisticated phone holder for your office desk, you should be looking at mobile phone holders for desks.

Phone stands are not just great for holding your phones, they also help in keeping your phones safe. Phone ring stands to prevent your phones from slipping through your hands. Desk mobile phone stands to ensure there are no scratches and scrapes on the back of your phone. Simple cell phone desk stands are great for making sure you do not misplace your cell phones.

Choosing Phone Stand Holders

  • Compatibility

This is an important thing you must consider. Ideally, you ought to ensure that your smartphone is compatible with the tripod. Remember that most tripods are adjustable and can fit any given smartphone. If you are planning to use the camera tripod as the smartphone tripod, ensure you choose the right phone mount. That is because a smartphone mount can be adjusted thanks to its screw mechanism.

  • Storage and Portability

If you want to carry the phone, stand with you, then get a portable one. Remember that tripods are foldable but quite heavy. Ensure you check whether the phone stand you choose is travel-friendly and easy-to-carry. After every use, ensure the tripod you choose has a carrying bag or case that can offer protection from the dust. Always ensure your tripod is dry before you store it to prevent rusting.

  • Maintenance

You should note that your phone stand holder requires maintenance. It is advisable to avoid exposing it to many elements. However, if you like using it in adverse weather conditions, then you need to keep it dry after use.

Remember that storing your phone holder with moisture will make it deteriorate and rust faster. You can also wipe off the moisture from the base and legs before you place it in the carrying case. Regularly give your phone stand holder a deep cleaning. For instance, you can disassemble it and get rid of all grime and dirt.

Benefits Of Using A Cell Phone Stand

A cell phone stand will keep you organized and give your hands a leisure break. It can do a lot for the safety and cleanliness of your phone. Plus, it will improve your comfort and productivity.

  • Comfort

It is very exhausting to hold your phone up and watch a movie or a video while working. In fact, a smartphone usually weighs up to 0.3 lbs. If you have a reliable cell phone stand, your arms and neck will definitely thank you!

  • Safety

A cell phone stand is really important when you are on the road. You would be dumbstruck to know that around 1.6 million accidents happen every year because of the use of cell phones while driving.

  • Productivity

It is important for everyone not to look at their phones while at school or at work. Because this is something that can cause up to 5 hours of lost productivity. A cell phone stand will keep your phone offside and out of your mind so that you are able to focus on the tasks at hand. This will ultimately improve your productivity!

  • Cleanliness

There won’t be any clutter on your desk if your cell phone is in the right spot. You will not misplace it under the folders, notebooks, or other office supplies. There won’t be any mess with the office phone stands!


As mentioned at the start of this review, cell phone stands have lots of benefits. Now that you have an idea of these benefits, you should get on for yourself, so you can enjoy these benefits